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Insulation And Attic Restoration

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Once wildlife takes over your attic, getting them out and keeping them out is not your only problem. Insulation is not designed to be walked on. When animals walk back and forth, the insulation is slowly packed down and makes it infective. Some animals chew threw and burrow into the insulation and make holes throughout, thus reducing its effectiveness. Another major problem wildlife poses in relation to insulation is feces. Wildlife does not use the bathroom outside, and when they live in your attic, they are also dropping feces in your attic. Feces carry a variety of harmful bacteria and can lead to disease and respiratory issues, especially if the bacteria begins circulating through your home's air systems. If you have had wildlife in your attic, consider having your old insulation removed and new insulation installed. Insulation can reduce your electric bills by up to 50%.

Why Insulation is Important 

Attic insulation acts as a barrier to keeping your home's temperature steady. Without proper insulation, your heat does not stay inside during the winter, and your air conditioning does not stay inside during the summer. Instead, the heat or cold air travels through the ceiling and then the roof, which causes you to lose money. Attic insulation also provides a proper sound barrier. Without insulation inside your house, there will be a greater echo, and you will be able to hear disruptive noises from outside your home. 

Why Choose Integrity Wildlife Control

Our technicians carry all of the property certifications to install attic insulations. We are trained in proper insulation removal to ensure dust and bacteria stay out of your home during the removal process. We offer a wide variety of insulation options, including blown and roll insulation. If you suspect your insulation is damaged due to high energy bills or if you are interested in having your insulation replaced, give us a call for a free quote. 

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You will find that we have some of the most competitive prices in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area for insulation and attic restoration. 

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