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Mississauga Wildlife Removal 

and Pest Control

Wildlife Removal and Prevention in Mississauga, Ontario.

Wildlife removal in Mississauga has grown exponentially due to becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in the Greater Toronto Area. Because ongoing development disrupts wildlife from their natural homes, wildlife finds new homes in houses and businesses. Mississauga is in the region of Peel and west of Toronto. 

Mississauga's common wildlife removal needs include skunk removal from under porches, sheds, and decks. squirrel removal from attics, raccoon removal from chimneys, and even bat removal from walls. Whatever your wildlife need, Mississauga residents have learned that Integrity Wildlife Control is the company to call for all wildlife removal and control needs. 

Our four-step wildlife removal process has been perfected over the last 20 years. First, we do a full inspection of your property to identify the wildlife species, where they are getting inside, and the cost of removal. Second, we humanly remove all wildlife using a combination of custom-built one-way doors and exclusion. Third, we repair all damage caused by wildlife, including chewed wires which cause numerous fires every year. Four, we place preventative material over all possible entry points to ensure wildlife never returns. Our services come with a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. 

Click On Your Wildlife Need

Raccoons in tree

Mississauga Raccoon Removal
Raccoons are some of the most common critters seen around Mississauga. The black band across their face and their bushy tails are often noticed as they get into trash cans or steal pets' food. Raccoons can be vicious if cornered, cause significant damage to roofs, and carry rabies. Raccoon fecal matter contains disease-causing bacteria. If you need raccoon removal services, give us a call for a free quote.  

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Hamilton Squirrel Removal

Mississauga Squirrel Removal
Several squirrel varieties live in Mississauga, including black squirrels, gray squirrels, and even flying squirrels. Squirrels are rodent family members and can easily chew into your attic. During nesting seasons, squirrels often chew through the plastic roof vent to access the warm attic. Once squirrels have taken up residency on your property, they will not leave until they are evicted using one-way doors. If you need help removing squirrels, give us a call for a free estimate. 

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Skunk under porch or deck

Mississauga Skunk Removal
Unfortunately, many pets and homes are all too familiar with the smell of skunk spray. Skunks are great for the environment but not so great for the nuisance they cause when they get under your porch, shed, or deck. Because skunks are such excellent diggers, they are difficult to remove and keep out. One-way doors using the trench method are the best way to remove these pests. Contact us for a free quote if you need help with skunk and spray removal. 

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Bat removal

Bat Removal Mississauga
If you have found a bat in your home or see bats flying around your home, you might have a bat infestation. Although bats do not attack humans when threatened, cornered, or even handled, they will bite. Because bats carry rabies, extreme caution must be taken when handling them. Bats are protected and can only be removed at certain times of the year based on their nesting season. Contact us for a free quote if you need bat removal in Mississauga. 

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Rats in the wall

Rodent Removal Mississauga
Rats and mice are both rodents, but there are several differences. Rats are much larger and prefer to tunnel, whereas mice are smaller and can more easily get into your home without raising suspicion. Rodents multiply incredibly fast. Just two rodents can multiply to over 1500 in a single year! If you have a rodent problem, do not put it off. Contact an expert to take care of your problem before it multiplies. If you need any help, contact us for a free quote. 

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Mississauga Rodent Removal
Bird Nest in house removal eggs

Bird Removal Mississauga
There are many beautiful bird varieties in Mississauga. We can help when birds become a nuisance by building a nest or dropping feces all over your property. Our services include using nets, spikes, and other custom devices to help with your bird problem. After the birds have been removed, we remove all nesting material and any mess they have left behind. Contact us for a free quote if you need help humanely removing birds or preventing birds from roosting. 

Mississauga Bird Control starts at  

Mississauga Bird Removal
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How We Are Different

Service You Can Trust

Because of the growth seen in Mississauga, many companies have begun wildlife control services. Pest control, tree removal companies, and roofing companies have started offering wildlife control services. Because these companies view wildlife control and management as a side job they often do not know the laws or safe handling of wildlife removal and control. At Integrity Wildlife Control our passion is helping wildlife and helping people so that you can quickly get your wildlife problem solved. 

There are three primary reasons you should go with Integrity Wildlife Control for all of your Mississauga wildlife needs. 

1) Prices:

We have the most competitive prices in Mississauga for wildlife removal. In some ways, we function more like a non-profit than a traditional company because we truly aim to help the customer solve their problems as inexpensively as possible. 

2) Products:

We use quality material that is superior to the products that are used by other companies. We want our services to improve the look of your house or business not use flimsy material that will not last and is unsightly. 

3) Process:

We have had 20 years to perfect our four-step process. First, we inspect your property to determine the species, entry points and cost for removal. Second, we remove all wildlife from your home or business. This is typically accomplished by using one-way door systems in which the animal can leave but not return. Third, we repair all damage caused by wildlife including dangerous fecal removal. Fourth, we identify areas when wildlife could easily gain entry and use chew-proof material to ensure wildlife never returns. All our services come will a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. 

Our service locations include:

Hamilton  • Milton • Cambridge • Caledonia • Grimsby • Brantford BurlingtonSt. Catharines • Guelph

 • Stoney Creek • Oakville • Thorold • Lincoln • Fonthill • Mississauga • Ohsweken • Hagersville • Burford • Ayr • Waterford • Hornby • Kitchener • Cambridge • Simcoe • London • St. Thomas • Port Stanley • Strathroy • Tillsonburg• Ingersoll • Stratford • St. Marys • Aylmer • Sarnia

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