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Raccoon Removal

How We Help You

Raccoons are some of the most common wildlife in Ontario. They are often seen roaming around at night, looking for food. While they look cute, they can create a massive problem once they move into your property and they can carry rabies. Raccoons are surprisingly strong and can produce structural damage to your home when they chew into your building. Not only do raccoons damage property when they chew it, but they also drop feces that contain roundworms and other parasites which need to be professionally removed. 

Integrity Wildlife Control will complete a full inspection of your property. The inspection will identify the species, entry points, and cost of services. After the inspection, the customer will be presented with a detailed plan for removing the wildlife. After all the raccoons have been removed, the building is repaired and sealed so that reentry is not possible. All services come with a lifetime warranty. If you have signs of raccoons and want help removing them from your property, contact the professionals at Integrity Wildlife Control. 

ABC's of Raccoons


The raccoon is well known for its mischievous-looking black band across the face. Raccoons are grayish brown and have a long bushy tail with five to ten alternating black to brown rings. Raccoons weigh between 6-9 kilograms and are about 75 centimeters in length.


Raccoons are primarily nocturnal and are most active from 10 pm-6 am, although they may come out during the day if hungry. They eat a wide variety of food such as bugs, berries, and fish, but won't think twice about getting into your garbage or stealing your pet's food.

Cycle of Life 

Raccoons typically mate in late winter or early spring. Their pregnancy period lasts an average of 63 days before giving birth to a litter of 3-7 kits (baby raccoons). The kits remain in the den for eight weeks before they venture out. After 9-12 months, they separate and begin a family of their own.

Raccoon in Attic

Why Choose Us?

Integrity is not just our name; it is our lifestyle!

We value integrity in the following areas: 

1) Prices

 We have some of the most competitive prices in the business. Because we aim to help people, we keep our prices at an affordable rate. We also give 5% of all sales back to the community through partnerships with local non-profits through our 5% promise. 

2) Products

We use high-quality state of the art products in the removal of wildlife, repairs, and prevention. Our concern is not just the removal of wildlife. We ensure our methods do not depreciate the value or hinder the function of the home or business. All of our work comes with a lifetime warranty. 

3) Process

Our four-step process backed by 20 years of experience ensures our clients receive the service they deserve. If you are not thrilled with your service, we have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our Four Step Raccoon Removal Process

Identify Wildlife Control

Step 1

We do a full foundation to roof inspection of the property in order to identify:

1)The species.

2)The raccoon entry points.

3)The cost of raccoon removal and prevention.

The customer is given a written estimate including pictures. 

Remove Wildlife Control

Step 2 

We humanely remove the raccoons using a combination of one-way door systems and exclusion.  Our aim is to remove raccoons from the building in order to create an environment where humans and animals can coexist. 

Step 3 

We repair all damage caused by raccoons. Our technicians are licensed and bonded to make any necessary repairs. We also carry a one million dollar liability insurance policy. 

Repair Wildlife Control

Step 4

We use high-quality chew-proof products to prevent the raccoons from returning. Without taking preventative measures, raccoons will quickly return to the locations where they have taken up residence. All our material comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Prevent Wildlife Control
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Get a Same Day Quote

You will find that we have some of the most competitive prices in Hamilton, the Greater Toronto Area, and London, for wildlife removal and prevention.

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Commonly Ask Questions

Do the Raccoons have to be removed? 

There are several dangers in leaving raccoons in your building. First, raccoons create damage to the structure upon entering. The hole can be as large as a basketball and expose your building to elements such as rain and snow. Second, raccoons often enter a property looking to raise young. If a raccoon problem is not addressed, you could have many raccoons running around in your attic or living in your chimney. Third, raccoons drop feces which carry roundworms and other dangerous parasites and bacteria. The longer a raccoon remains in your building, the more waste will be dropped. Fourth, raccoons pack down the insulation in attics, making it ineffective and thus increasing your heating and air conditioning bills. If not quickly addressed, attic insulation will need to be replaced. It is strongly recommended to have raccoons removed from your building for these reasons. 

Are the raccoons hurt during the removal? 

No. Keeping raccoons safe is a top priority of Integrity Wildlife Control. Ontario's law states wildlife can not be harmed and can only be moved one kilometer from the removal location. The purpose of this rule is to protect the wildlife. Some companies set inhumane traps and then remove the raccoons and release them one kilometer away. The problem with this temporary solution is that raccoons have a four kilometer range. If a raccoon is removed one kilometer, it will return and the solution is not permanent. Instead we ofter a permanent solution We build a one-way door which allows the raccoons to exit but not be able to return. The entire building is protected from reentry. 

Why did Raccoons pick my property? 

Raccoons select a place that is warm and easy to access. Unfortunately, this often includes attics, chimneys, and other areas where people live or work. Your property was likely easy for the raccoon to break into and provides warmth and protection the raccoon needs from elements.  

Can homeowners remove the raccoons themselves? 

The odds are great if you are reading this; you have struggled with this question or even tried to remove the raccoons yourself without success. Raccoon removal involves knowing the wildlife removal laws, wildlife behaviour, and safe removal practices, as well as building repair. It is a job best left up to professionals. 

How much does raccoon removal cost? 

The cost of raccoon removal has many different factors such as how many entry points have been chewed into the home and how many potential entry points such as roof vents are located around the property. However, raccoon removal starts at $289 and comes with a guaranteed removal and lifetime warranty. 

Our service locations include:

Hamilton  • Milton • Cambridge • Caledonia • Grimsby • Brantford BurlingtonSt. Catharines • Guelph

 • Stoney Creek • Oakville • Thorold • Lincoln • Fonthill • Mississauga • Ohsweken • Hagersville • Burford • Ayr • Waterford • Hornby • Kitchener • Cambridge • Simcoe • London • St. Thomas • Port Stanley • Strathroy • Tillsonburg• Ingersoll • Stratford • St. Marys • Aylmer • Sarnia

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