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How to keep Raccoons out of your yard.

Raccoons in yard

How to Keep Raccoons out of your yard.

Raccoons are cute and cuddly creatures, but they can also be a real headache for residents of Hamilton, Ontario. These clever animals are notorious for causing damage to yards and homes, digging through trash cans, nesting in attics, and attacking pets. As a homeowner, it's important to take measures to keep raccoons out of your yard to prevent property damage and ensure the safety of your pets.

Ten Effective Techniques

Here are ten effective techniques for preventing raccoons from invading your yard in Hamilton:

1. Elimination of Access Points:

Raccoons can use any opening in your fence, such as loose boards or holes, to gain access to your yard. Therefore, it's crucial to seal off any openings or install a sturdy fence. Also, consider installing a border or wire mesh around the foundations of decks and outbuildings to keep raccoons from entering your yard in Hamilton.

2. Cover Compost:

Covering compost piles with a tarp or using a sealed compost bin can deter raccoons from finding a food source in Hamilton. Also, avoid putting meat or dairy products in your compost pile.

3. Lawn Maintenance:

Regularly mowing your lawn and picking up any debris can prevent an overgrown lawn from providing a safe haven for raccoons to nest.

4. Trim Trees:

Trim tree branches away from your roof to prevent raccoons from using them as a bridge to enter your home.

5. Use of Outdoor Speakers:

Playing loud music or other noises through outdoor speakers can make your yard in Hamilton a less attractive place for raccoons to nest. Raccoons are sensitive to noise and prefer quiet places to settle, so this technique can make them uncomfortable and encourage them to find quieter areas to settle.

6. Pet Food Storage:

Raccoons are attracted to pet food, so it's essential to store it in airtight containers and only put it down when your animal is ready to eat. After your pet is finished, pick up any leftovers and store them away.

7. Installation of Motion-Activated Lights:

Raccoons prefer dark places to nest, so installing motion-activated lights in your backyard can discourage them from settling there. These lights will eliminate any sense of safety raccoons may feel in the dark and discourage them from nesting on your property.

8. Secure Garbage Cans:

Invest in sturdy and tightly sealed garbage cans to eliminate the risk of raccoons using your trash as a food source. Store the cans in your garage and keep the lids tightly closed.

9. Bird Feeders:

Placing bird feeders on a pole with a baffle or hanging them on a wire can make it difficult for raccoons to access the bird feeders and prevent them from stealing food.

10. Professional Help:

If you have a persistent raccoon problem on your property in Hamilton, it's best to seek professional help from a wildlife control company like Integrity Wildlife Control. They have all the tools and expertise to remove the animal humanely and safely from your yard in Hamilton.

In conclusion, prevention is the key to dealing with raccoons. By taking a good look around your home and yard and removing any potential attractions for raccoons, you can maintain a beautiful, safe, and secure outdoor living space. Raccoons can be a real nuisance in Hamilton, causing damage and posing a risk to pets and property. Implementing these ten effective techniques can help prevent raccoons from invading your yard and maintain a safe and beautiful outdoor living space. Don't let raccoons ruin your day, take action now to protect your home and yard!

If you need help with your raccoon problem call the experts at Integrity Wildlife Control at 1-289- 272-9453 or fill out a form to get a quote by clicking here.

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