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How to remove Bats

Canada has almost 20 bat species! Ontario only has eight species, with the little brown bat being the most prevalent. Bats are extremely beneficial and can consume their weight in mosquitoes every single night. Without bats keeping the insect population at bay, our cities would be overrun by pests. Bats prefer to roost in trees, under bridges, or in caves, but when those preferred locations are not available, bats will roost and colonize in attics, walls, chimneys, or anywhere else that is warm and out of the elements. Because bats are so small, they can squeeze into any hole the size of a dime or larger. For this reason, many houses and businesses in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area have more run-in with bats.

Bat Colony

While bats are not bloodthirsty, they do carry rabies. One study shows that more than 5% of all bats have the rabies virus, which can be transmitted through bites or saliva. Bats also drop guano anywhere they sleep. The guano is laced with bacteria that can cause many diseases, especially if the air is circulated through the house. Another difficulty related to bats is that they are endangered and protected. Bats cannot be killed or even removed during nesting seasons, primarily in the month of June, and they cannot be moved during the winter months when they could freeze or be unable to find food.

1) Identify

First, you need to identify the species that has invaded your property. Just because you see bats flying around at night, it doesn't mean that they live in your house. You must set out to identify what has gotten into your home or business and where it has gotten inside. You need to inspect the outside of your house along the roofline, under the shingles, paying close attention to any holes that are the size of a dime or larger. If you see a greasy or oiling-looking area around a hole, this is a great indication you have a bat problem. Another way to identify a bat problem is through bat droppings called guano. Bats roost in one area, and their dropping will typically be in large mounds that can be several inches to several feet high, depending on how many bats are in the colony and how long they have been living there.

Bat Guano

2) Remove

Second, after identifying the species and entry points and making sure the season is legal for removal, then humanly remove the bats. The process is not easy and can be dangerous without training. A one-way door system must be installed over the bat entry point, which will allow the bats to slide out but be unable to return. If the bat valve harms the bats, you could be liable.

3) Repair

Bats do not chew the way other wildlife do. The majority of bat repair work entails cleaning up guano and sanitizing an area. Extreme caution must be taken when removing guano due to the risk of Histoplasmosis and other health problems related to breathing in bacteria. A full respirator and goggle must be worn at all times, and it is recommended to wear a protective suit to prevent bacteria from getting on clothing. If there is enough guano or the insulation is ruined, then it is common for all the attic insulation to be removed and replaced with new insulation.

4) Prevent

Because bats can squeeze in tight locations, the entire house must be inspected and sealed in order to prevent bat re-entry. Anywhere on the roof or siding that is dime size or larger must be sealed, preferably with metal, to ensure the bats are securely sealed out. Roof vents, gable ends vents, and chimneys, will all need to be screened using metal mesh. If even one entry location is left unsealed then the entire bat colony will return.

Bat on Wall

While it is possible to remove bats, it requires understanding laws in your providence, safe wildlife and animal removal practices and technique, as well as construction work. Wildlife removal and prevention are best left up to the professionals like Integrity Wildlife Control. If you need help removing unwanted wildlife, contact the experts at Integrity Wildlife Control. We have 20 experience, and all of our work is guaranteed.

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