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Skunk in yard under deck porch

Are You Needing Skunk Removal in Hamilton? 

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Skunks in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Areas are growing in population. They are known for their back fur and white stripes and their repulsive odour. Skunks commonly dig under porches, decks, and sheds. Once these critters have made their home under your property, common deterrents such as loud music or household products will not effectively remove them, especially if they have young in their den. Trapping and relocating more than one kilometer is not allowed by law in Ontario, so homeowners are left with few options. 

We have spent the last twenty years perfecting our four-step skunk removal process. Our method is humane and will not harm the skunk. We will build a custom one-way door at the entry location of the skunk. Once the skunk leaves, it will be unable to return. Because skunks are such skilled diggers, we will use a trench and dig method where we dig a trench around the entire shed, porch, or deck and put down metal to prevent the skunk from returning. Without using these measures, skunks will quickly dig their way back. Contact us today if you would like help removing skunks from your property. Our services are guaranteed and come will a lifetime warranty. 

ABC's of Hamilton Skunks


The Skunk is most known for its offensive odour. A skunk's spray can be smelt over a kilometer away. Skunks are about the size of a cat with oily black fur with a white stripe down the back. Skunks weigh about 3.25 Kilograms and are about 75 centimeters in length.


Despite their odorous smell, skunks are helpful to the environment by controlling the mice and grub population. Skunks use their long nails to dig for grubs, often destroying lawns in the process. Skunks live an average of three years in the wild.

Cycle of Life 

Skunks can be viewed as a nuisance when they den under decks or porches. Skunks breed between February and March and typically have two to four baby skunks around May. The babies leave the den for the first time around seven weeks of age, and within a few weeks, the baby skunks are weaned.

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Why Choose Integrity?

Integrity is not just our name; it is our lifestyle!

We value integrity in the following areas: 

1) Prices

 We have some of the most competitive prices in the business. Because we aim to help people, we keep our prices at an affordable rate. We also give 5% of all sales back to the community through partnerships with local non-profits through our 5% promise. 

2) Products

We use high-quality state of the art products in the removal of wildlife, repairs, and prevention. Our concern is not just the removal of wildlife. We ensure our methods do not depreciate the value or hinder the function of the home or business. All of our work comes with a lifetime warranty. 

3) Process

Our four-step process backed by 20 years of experience ensures our clients receive the service they deserve. If you are not thrilled with your service, we have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our Four Step Hamilton Skunk Removal Process

Identify Wildlife Control

Step 1

We do a full foundation to roof inspection of the property in order to identify:

1)The species.

2)The skunk entry points.

3)The cost of skunk removal and prevention.

The customer is given a written estimate including pictures. 

Remove Wildlife Control

Step 2 

We humanely remove the skunks using a combination of one-way door systems and exclusion.  Our aim is to remove the skunks from under the building in order to create an environment where humans and animals can coexist. 

Step 3 

We repair all damage caused by skunks and deodorize the area. Our technicians are licensed and bonded to make any necessary repairs. We also carry a one million dollar liability insurance policy. 

Repair Wildlife Control

Step 4

We use high-quality products to prevent the skunks from returning. Skunks are great diggers so we would dig a trench around the deck, porch, or shed and put metal under the ground that will prevent the skunks from returning. All our material comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Prevent Wildlife Control
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Common Questions

What if the skunk has babies? 

Skunk baby season is typically around May. We are extra careful during our inspection to ensure we do not seal up any baby skunks during this period. Baby skunks are either removed by hand, or we can sometimes encourage the mom to remove the babies using eviction fluid. In some extreme cases, we may have to wait a few weeks until the kits are old enough to walk out of the den. 

How to remove skunk spray from dogs or pets? 

Removing skunk spray is one of our most asked questions. While tomato juice is the commonly used recipe, it is not effective; the tomatoes simply mask the odour but do not remove it. The recipe we have found that is most effective is mixing hydrogen peroxide with dawn dish soap and baking soda. These ingredients will lift out the majority of the smell. Just be careful not to get in your pet's eyes. 

Are the skunks harmed when removed? 

No. Skunks are beneficial to the environment by eating bugs, and killing or harming wildlife goes against our policy. Our methods do not harm skunks but simply remove them from where they do not need to be. Our goal is to create an environment where wildlife and humans can coexist. 

How much does skunk removal cost? 

While every job is different depending on the setting, the one-way door starts at $289. Because skunks can dig, we would have to dig a trench and put down metal around the entire porch, shed, or deck. For this service, we charge per foot. To find out more information or receive a free quote, give us a call. 

Skunks under porch

Skunk Articles 

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