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Are You Needing Squirrel Removal in Hamilton? 

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How We Help You

Squirrels are Hamilton's most commonly seen rodents. Because of how prevalent they have become, it is not shocking that they often take residency in people's attics, chimneys, and garages. If you have found yourself with a squirrel problem, you are likely hearing all sorts of noise and chewing at all hours of the day. Squirrels' teeth never stop growing, so they will use your home as a tooth file through chewing to keep their teeth at an operational length. If you need help removing squirrels in Hamilton or the Greater Toronto area, contact the professionals at Integrity Wildlife Control. No pest control problem is too big or small. We come highly recommended and carry all certifications and insurance to remove any critter causing your wildlife problem. 

Our four-step squirrel removal process has been perfected over the last 20 years. First, we identify where the squirrels are getting inside and inspect for damage. We will provide a written estimate with no hidden costs or fees. Second, we remove the squirrels primarily by setting one-way door systems which allow the squirrels to safely leave the house or business but be unable to return. No inhumane traps are used and no harm comes to the squirrels through using this custom approach. Third, we repair all damage the squirrels made, including entry holes and chewed wires. Fourth, we use metal and screen to seal the building so that reentry never occurs. All of our work comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If squirrels get back into your property at the location where we did the job, we will return and remove the squirrels free of charge. 

ABC's of Squirrels in Hamilton


Squirrels in Hamilton come in a variety of colors, depending on the species. Gray squirrels, which can also be black and red, are some of the most common squirrels. Squirrels weigh less than 1kg and are best known for their long bushy tail. They have four front teeth that never stop growing and are filed down by chewing. 


Squirrels are agile and are known for their ability to jump from branch to branch or building to building quickly. They can run at speeds of 25 km per hour. They are opportunist eaters, but their diet is primarily nuts which they find and store either buried in the ground or their nest high in trees. 


Cycle of Life 

Gray Squirrels have two breeding seasons: the first is in December and January, and the second is in May and July. Their pregnancy lasts about 40 days, and their litter consists of three to five babies, which will almost be as large as their mom and fully independent in 12 short weeks.

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Why Choose Integrity?

Integrity is not just our name; it is our lifestyle!

We value integrity in the following areas: 

1) Prices

We have the best rates for Squirrel removal in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area. Because we aim to help people, we keep our prices at an affordable rate. We also give 5% of all sales back to the community through partnerships with local non-profits through our 5% promise. 

2) Products

We use high-quality state of the art products in the removal of wildlife, repairs, and prevention. Our concern is not just the removal of wildlife. We ensure our methods do not depreciate the value or hinder the function of the home or business. All of our work comes with a lifetime warranty. 

3) Process

Our four-step process backed by 20 years of experience ensures our clients receive the service they deserve. If you are not satisfied with your service, we have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our Four-Step Hamilton Squirrel Removal Process

Identify Wildlife Control

Step 1

We do a full foundation to roof inspection of the property in order to identify:

1)The species.

2)The squirrel entry points.

3)The cost of squirrel removal.

The customer is given a written estimate including pictures. 

Remove Wildlife Control

Step 2 

We humanely remove the squirrels using a combination of one-way door systems and exclusion.  Our aim is to remove squirrels from the building in order to create an environment where humans and animals can coexist.

Step 3 

We repair all damage caused by squirrels. Our technicians are licensed and bonded to make any necessary repairs. We also carry a one million dollar liability insurance policy. 

Repair Wildlife Control

Step 4

We use high-quality chew-proof products to prevent the squirrels from returning. Without taking preventative measures, squirrels will quickly return to the locations where they have taken up residence. All our material comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Prevent Wildlife Control
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Commonly Ask Questions

Are The squirrels hurt when removed? 

​No. Our methods are humane and prevent any harm from coming to squirrels during the entire removal process. Some companies trap squirrels, which can cause them to die while in the trap. At best, the squirrel survives and is then removed and released one kilometer away as per Ontario laws. The problem with this type of removal is that squirrels have a range longer than one kilometer. The removed squirrels will just quickly return. If a company offers to remove the squirrels more than one kilometer, they are breaking the law. Our custom one-way door system allows the squirrel to safely leave but be unable to return. The area is then sealed and repaired so that the squirrels stay outside and you no longer have a critter in your home. 

How did the squirrels get Inside? 

​Houses and buildings are not designed to keep wildlife out. Most homes have a construction cap right under the shingle edge, allowing the attic to breathe and prevent mold. The problem is that this gap can be large enough for a squirrel to enter or the squirrel to use the opening and chew a hole large enough for entry. Attics are warm and protected from the elements like rain and snow. When squirrels are looking for a place of refuge or to build their nest and raise young, attics become an ideal location. 

​What about Squirrel babies? 

Squirrels can have two litters a year, one in the winter and one in the summer. During these time periods, extra measures need to be taken to ensure babies are not separated from their mamma or killed. Once the one-way door system is installed, the baby squirrels (kits) will need to be removed by hand. The kits are placed in one of our warming boxes next to the entry hole. After the mom leaves, she will not abandon her young. She will return and take them to a new location off of your property. 

How does your guarantee work? 

If you are not satisfied with our services, we will give you 100% of your money back. Our work comes with a lifetime warranty. If a squirrel gets back inside through one of the areas we repaired, then we will return free of charge and remove the squirrel and fix any new damage. 

How much does squirrel removal cost? 

The cost of squirrel removal has many different factors such as how many entry points have been chewed into the home and how many potential entry points such as roof vents are located around the property. However, squirrel removal starts at $289 and comes with a guaranteed removal and lifetime warranty. 

Our service locations include:

•Hamilton  • Milton • Cambridge •Caledonia •Grimsby • Brantford •Burlington • St. Catharines •Guelph

 • Stoney Creek •Oakville •Thorold •Lincoln • Fonthill• Mississauga • Ohsweken • Hagersville • Burford • Ayr • Waterford • Hornby

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